The Third Crusade


King Richard, also known as The Lionheart, led the Knights Templar on the Third Crusade.  He was the inspiration for many of the soldiers to continue to fight and press on.  The mission was to reclaim the Holy Land for the Christians.  This, however, did not come to pass, but King Richard’s skill and bravery awed the Saracen armies.  His legend was spoken in more than one language from then on because The Lionheart had sent shivers down the spines of anyone who faced him.  No one man held back an enemy army like King Richard had.

            No matter how hard he pushed, however, the Christian army could not keep up with the demand of supplies and build the strength needed to rescue Jerusalem.  A three-year truce was agreed upon, giving King Richard’s army the chance to enter the Holy City as pilgrims.  The Lionheart never went, holding his pride higher than his personal interest.

            After his army had returned home, King Richard fell sick and had to stay in Acre for a bit longer.  As his ship was on its way back to England, it wrecked on the shores of Venice.  Seizing the opportunity, Leopold of Austria took the King hostage and received a ransom for him from the English people.