The Third Crusade


Jul 4, 1187: Saladin won the Battle of Hattin, and took most of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem

May, 1189: Emperor Frederick I (Barbarossa) left Europe on the Third Crusade

Jun 10, 1190: Frederick I drowned in Anatolia

Jul 1190: Kings Philip of France and Richard of England set out on the Third Crusade

Winter 1190-1: French and English stayed in Sicily

Jul 12, 1191: Acre surrendered to Kings Philip, Richard and Guy; Philip departed the Holy Land for France shortly afterward

Sep 7, 1191: Richard met Saladin at the Battle of Arsuf

Nov-Dec 1191: Richard's Crusaders marched toward Jerusalem but turned back to the coast

Jun 1192: Richard's Crusaders marched again toward Jerusalem but turned back again

Oct 9, 1192: Richard Lionheart departed the Holy Land

Mar 4, 1193: Saladin died